Debra Lewis- Couple Counselling

Calm, Strengthen and Restore Your Relationship

Highly qualified with specific training in healing couple issues

10 years experience of working at Relate directly with couples

Kind, compassionate, supportive and insightful

Skills in educating couples on how to find connection and recover from relationship breakdown

Cost is £65 per session

Afternoon/ evening sessions during the week

Text 07835 177 251


Examples of Problems

Affairs and other secrets, personal identity, retirement adjustment, physical or mental ill health, prejudice or lack of understanding, communication difficulties such as rows or not talking, disagreements over money/sex/children etc, different levels of needs, struggle with boundaries, one person wanting to leave the relationship etc. 


"Couple therapy is about working together to figure out how you've got into a difficult place; and with compassion, guidance and psychological knowledge... ...find a way through"



  • Member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
  • Approved Practitioner of Couple Therapy for Depression, Tavistock Relationships,
  • MSc Counselling Psychology, Keele University,
  • Qualified and Practising Relate Practitioner
  • University Advanced Diploma in Couple Counselling, Relate, 2008-2010
  • Four-year training in Existential /Humanistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, 1990-1994


Experience over past 28 years

  • 10 years as Relate counsellor
  • 5 years working with couples and individuals with mild to moderate mental health issues, such as couples where one partner is depressed. Included several years as GP surgery counsellor.
  • 4 years working with couples and individuals affected by cancer, such as couples where one partner’s cancer diagnosis has affected the relationship
  • 10 years monitoring/improving quality of care services in the NHS
  • 8 years working with people with severe mental ill-health, including 4 years as a manager
  • Several years teaching and training adults and teenagers in aspects of relationships, such as healthy relationships, separated parents and counselling skills.


Debra offers afternoon/ evening sessions during the week.

Space is limited,  we are now taking bookings

For more information please text 07835 177 251 or email