Skype Therapy

Professional, Supportive, Practical Therapy from Your Home

Skype therapy is a powerful way to receive professional psychological support from the comfort of you own home.

Highly convenient as no time spent travelling to a therapists office.

Extremely private, no waiting in waiting rooms.

Speak to your therapist  in their therapy room, as if you are sitting in the chair next to them.

Comfortable, if you are unwell you can speak to the therapist while in bed.

Possible to fit around a busy work schedule.

See a therapist while your children/ those cared for are upstairs in bed.


Accessible, Effective, Private …

Once therapy is over you are back at home at your private location, ideal if you are feeling upset.

Real, effective therapeutic relationships can be built as you are still seeing, hearing and fully interacting with the therapist.

Ideal for couples wanting to speak about intimate relational issue (i.e. psychosexual therapy).

Idea for individuals too unwell to visit therapist offices.

Idea for people with children / and carers – receive therapy whilst still being at home.


Free Telephone Consult

All new clients receive a free telephone consult to discuss your therapy needs. 

You can book your free consult simply and conveniently using our our online diary  CLICK HERE. 

Alternatively email or call 01684 877 115.