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Fast Track - Self Referral Form

We have developed a fast track Self Referral Form. The purpose of this form is twofold:

1. Helping you find the most suitable therapist - Finding a suitable therapist can be tricky and we hope to bring clarity to this decision by recommending therapists in our team that will suit you the most (based on your needs and availability). Your form will be personally reviewed by Dr Abigail Pamich, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and her recommendations will be passed on to you via email. There is no obligation to book with the therapist we suggest, we just want to provide our ideas to help you find the right person.


2. Providing a foundation for your initial session - If you decide to book with one of our therapists your referral form will provide the foundation for your initial therapy session and guidelines on particular goals and directions for therapy.

You will be directed to our main team website Malvern Hills Private Practice, where Dr Abigail is the Clinical Director.


General Questions

If you have any general questions about our therapists, what they do, when they work and who they see then please call the office and speak to Daniel our Practice Manager on 01684 877 115 or email Daniel knows the therapists well, and is happy to help with all queries. We also have a Psychology Secretary Ruth Gallagher who can help assist with any specific questions and picks up from the above email address.

Session Costs

£65 per session with Debra Lewis, our Counsellor (for couples and individuals).

£75 per session with Helen King,  Clinical Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner.

£95 per session with our Doctors of Clinical and Counselling Psychology.

£110 per session with our Senior Psychologists.

£150 per session with Dr Abigail Pamich, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director.

Please see our team website for our full team. We are collectively called Malvern Hills Private Practice. 



Please feel free to email if you have any questions