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New Clients

Want to book directly?

Please call 01684 877 115 and speak to our Practice Manager Daniel. He will ask a few short screening questions then book you into your first session and take payment over the phone (for the initial session only). Alternatively you can email to 


Want to ask questions about therapy?

Use our free online diary to book a Telephone Consult with Dr Abigail (Clinical Director & Clinical Psychologist). Or alternatively ask Daniel our Practice Manager to book you into the next free telephone consult with  Dr Abigail (she offers six telephone slots a week). 



Existing Clients

Please use our online diary to book further face to face sessions. All available sessions for the next 8 weeks are shown.

Session Cost & Times

£65 per session with Debra Lewis, Couple Therapist:  Tuesday pm/ eve & wed lunch.

£70 per session with Helen King,  Clinical Psychotherapist: Weekday, evenings, Saturdays.

£85 per session with Dr Abigail Pamich,  Clinical Psychologist: Mon - Thurs morning  9.30 - 1pm (8.15am Tue).

£85 per session with Dr Sarah Whitson, Clinical Psychologist: Monday and Thursday 5.30- 9pm


Please feel free to email if you have any questions