Escape Emotional Eating

Emotional eating can range from struggling to stick to a desired diet, through to feeling out of control and binging.

Emotional eating can cause deep distress and shame. The long term implications are serious with an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease due to unwanted weight gain.

Many people are unaware that there is an evidence based treatment plan to escape from emotional eating.


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There are proven psychological interventions to escape from emotional eating


Being a healthy weight is about learning to deal with emotions in more helpful ways than turning to food.

Therapy can also help with increasing will power, rebuilding self esteem and incorporating helpful strategies to reach desired goals.

Using food for emotional support can lead to a downward spiral - eating to escape the sadness that came from eating, the day before, to escape from sadness.

Some people mask their emotions so well with food that they don't even notice feeling sad anymore. They just notice the binging and this in itself causes shame, fear and weight gain. 

This cycle is addictive and can increase in severity over time.

There are proven psychological interventions to escape from emotional eating. These are based on Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Sessions follow a clear plan based on a plan designed by Dr Fairburn. The plan is practical, evidence based and effective.

To learn more I recommend purchasing this very helpful book by Dr Fairburn. The intervention is clearly outlined. 

It is possible to follow this guide on your own and this might be enough to help you escape from emotional eating. 

However, if you find you need further support then please contact me and we can work through the treatment plan together at a pace that suits you.