Improve Relationships

Relationship are central to our wellbeing. They impact on our self esteem, or goals and our contentment.

Relationships have the power to lift us up or break us down. They can be healthy and fulfilling, or painful and destructive. Or a lack of relationships can feel lonely and isolating.

We work with individuals to reflect, understand and improve the relationships in their lives.

This can be rebuilding a life post divorce, or creating harmony in a complex family situation.

It may be learning about yourself and understanding your patterns, in order to improve romantic, family or friend relationships.

Therapy could be focused on navigating out of an abusive relationship, or rebuilding the self after finding yourself alone after many years.

Helen King and Doctor Abigail see clients as individuals regarding relationships. Debra Lewis works directly with couples.


We have in our team Debra Lewis, Couple Counsellor. 

Debra can help you repair and strengthen your relationship; increase emotional connection and rediscover enjoyment of one another. 

 Are you in the early stages of relationship conflict? Don’t wait for issues to escalate, seek support early on.

  • Highly qualified with specific training in healing couple issues
  • 10 years experience of working at Relate directly with couples
  • Kind, compassionate, supportive and insightful
  • Skills in educating couples on how to find connection and recover from relationship breakdown


  • Debra has sessions available now at our therapy room in Great Malvern, WR14 3PP
  • Cost is £65 per session


Text 07835 177 251

See my Video Blog ‘6 Factors of Effective Couple Therapy’ for more information about Couple Therapy