Dr Abigail Pamich

Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Director, BSc (Hons), D. Clin. Psych, HCPC

I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist with nineteen years’ experience of working with clients to improve their mental wellbeing.

I am a member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and I was trained and employed within the NHS for many years as a Specialist Clinical Psychologist.

I work with individuals as an expert in treating anxiety, trauma, hurt and depression as well as other mental health conditions and difficulties. I am also a published author in psychological research.

In the video to the right I talk about what it means to be trained as a 'Clinical Psychologist'.


As a Clinical Psychologist, I am trained in multiple types of therapy providing me with the advantage of tailoring therapy to match the problems and goals that you bring to therapy.

My core approach embodies values of connection, compassion, respect and support. I offer a practical, clear plan towards recovery and wellness. 

Through guided discovery I would work alongside you by applying my psychological understanding to your life struggles. Through this approach, you would gain insight into how to heal and will be given practical tools to empower your recovery.

I draw from a multitude of different therapeutic approaches all outlined in the NICE guidelines including CBT, EMDR, Compassion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, ACT as well as many other approaches.

Sessions cost £150 per session (50 mins talking + 10 mins admin) and are held between the hours of 8.15am and 5.15pm.




Teams I have worked in over the last fifteen years

  • Adult Mental Health - Primary Care (Worcestershire Healthy Minds, UK)
  • Adult Mental Health - (Sydney, Australia)
  • Adult Outpatient Psychology Team (London,UK)
  • Adult Health Outpatient Psychology Team (London,UK)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team (CAMHS: London U.K. & Sydney Australia)
  • Community Adult Mental Health Team (CMHT: London, UK & Auckland NZ)
  • Older Adult Mental Health/ Neuropsych assessment (London, UK)
  • Adolescent Inpatient Unit (Mosely, UK)
  • CAMHS Developmental Assessment Team (Sydney, Australia)
  • Academic Psychological Research (London, UK)


My core approach embodies values of connection, compassion, respect and support