Reduce Stress and Tension

Stress and tension can manifest in outbursts of anger, difficulty sleeping, feeling shaky, reduced appetite as well as many other symptoms.

Some people experience an increase in physical pain, migraines, lowered immune system or an increase in tummy troubles.

These symptoms are the body's way of giving a warning that the 'stress response' of the nervous system has switched on and it staying on.



Sessions can provide practical tools for calming your mind and body, a safe space to download emotional turmoil and a chance to learn new coping strategies


It might not be possible to remove the actual external stress right now. It could be due to things out of your control like a relationship breakup, a death or work pressures.

However it is possible to turn off the stress response in the body off, and thus reduce the physical manifestatio of the tension even in the midst of the troubles.

It's a bit like taking control of the direction of your boat, lowering down the sails in the storm. It doesn't stop the storm but it makes navigation more possible, and reduces the damage to the boat (our body).

Learning to be physically calmer in the face of lifes troubles means that despite the external stress  you are able to sleep well, sleep well and care for yourself; utlimately making you stronger and more able to bear the stress. 

Rather than waiting for life to get easier, therapy can help you learn to manage your internal stress and tension. The pain of life can become a little easier to cope with and a form of resilience can blossom within you.