What does treatment involve?

What does treatment involve?

My focuus is on providing a safe, relaxed and confidential environment so you can feel comfortable to talk about sensitive personal problems. I have a strong commitment to using only evidence based talking therapies and we may decide to have a plan on what to cover in what sessions.

For example for treatment of panic, we may have two sessions of psychoeducation, followed by three sessions of skills training.

Alternatively we may choose a therapy that is more free flowing as your goal is to speak about painful issues in your past. We may decide on a number of sessions in which to do this, or have a free space to allow you to choose yourself, each week, what you feel is most important to bring up.

Within these different approaches I always strive to bring the fundamental human characteristics of connection compassion, respect and support; as ultimately it is through a solid caring therapeutic relationship that healing takes place.

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